#MyTealStory Food Allergy Awareness Week

Spending the last week reflecting on my son’s food allergy and how to spread awareness was such a great opportunity. I really appreciate FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) and its food allergy awareness week. I also appreciate Turn It Teal and the incredible work it did to light up the world in teal. Inspired by both, I launched … More #MyTealStory Food Allergy Awareness Week

Top 30+ Non-Food, Allergy-Safe Valentine’s Day Cards

There’s nothing more terrifying for an allergy mom than something like Valentine’s Day. All of the kids in a class bringing who knows what (with who knows what inside it) to share with their classmates. In the food allergy world, we like to push for no food in the classroom. I couldn’t find a comprehensive list of … More Top 30+ Non-Food, Allergy-Safe Valentine’s Day Cards