New Me, New Blog, New Project


About a year ago (almost exactly) I stopped blogging here regularly.

I was in personal chaos.

Everything was ripped out from under our feet – or at least that’s what it felt like.

I thought, I’m going to blog about this. 

But I couldn’t.

Somehow, as we got hit – again and again and a few more times after that – I finally heard the message.

This is not my calling. This is not my purpose.

So what am I supposed to be doing? I don’t know. But what do I want to be doing? Making a difference with a message slapped between me eyes – HAPPINESS is not determined by perfection. Happiness is not determined by completed to-do lists or some kind of finish line where you put a check mark next to JOY and you tell your friends, “I completed my joy goal. I’m there. I’m good. I’m happy. JOY: COMPLETE.”

Happiness is a daily choice. Actually, Imma say it’s a moment by moment choice.

When your kids are finally playing together… in a mess of flour on the floor. You choose.

When your co-worker screws you out of the big case/story/event you worked so hard for. You choose.

When your husband starts a fight with you over the bank account balance. You choose.

Disclaimer: This does not include the medical condition, depression. If you are dealing with feelings of intense sadness and you can’t find joy in things that once provided that to you – please see a medical professional. 

Danielle Craig (027 of 061)

I am so excited because I am tapping into some of the brains of the coolest people on this planet (in my opinion) who will share with you their tips to happiness. We’re going to be talking happiness in success, family, relationships, health, spirituality – and in life.

I hope you’ll join the journey with me!

You can expect details VERY SOON. For now, make sure you’re the first to know – and stay connected with me before I shut down this site – by getting on my email list.

Sending you much love and I can’t wait to get started on this journey with you!

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