Keep Your Kids Busy this Summer: Week 1/11

This summer is the last one before Kindergarten.

Deep breath.

I can’t even talk about that yet.

But – what I can talk about is the fun 11 weeks of learning I’m planning for the boys! Each day our nanny comes over she’ll be taking care of  not only my boys, but her girls.

So instead of letting them have fun by themselves for the first couple hours and then tear each other’s heads off for the next couple – ha, typical kids – we’ve decided to put together 11 weeks of summer “school.”

Ideas to Keep Your Kids Busy this Summer

Each day they’ll do a book activity and another fun activity to coincide with our week theme.

I’m going to post it all here so you can follow along with your child if you want! I’m putting together activities for 2 – 7 year olds.

Please note: This post contains affiliate links. When you click, it helps me keep this blog going. Much love!

Four Fun Books & Activities:

The Rainbow Fish (if you don’t have it – order it here!)

Check out this adorable paper plate fish from A Little Pinch of Perfect


If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (If You Give…)

This is one of my absolute favorite books of all time! In fact, J’s first birthday party was themed after the book.

You can get the book here!

As for the activities – I think they’ll be a lot of fun! We’re going to do two for this book!

First, this adorable mouse headband from The Educators Spin on It.
Instead of the game with this one – we’ll do something a little easier for toddlers to understand.


That game – counting chocolate pieces (form Playdough to Plato). Can’t go wrong when chocolate’s involved. Right? She even created super easy-to-use printables for all us of!


Goodnight Moon

My kids are totally obsessed with space. One of our weeks will be based on space – so watch for that later this summer (the week before the eclipse!).

I thought it would be fun to get in a fun moon craft.

Check out this flour/paint Moon craft on Mrs. Russel’s Class.

Books with Activities from LIVE FROM THE PLAYROOM

Hi! Fly Guy

Have you read this series yet? It’s hilarious (and ridiculous).

This bug-eyed adorable craft I found on Pinterest is equally hilarious and ridiculous.

Adorable craft for Fly Guy from Live from the Playroom

Week 1 Activities: Welcome to Summer “School”

Tuesday: Make Your Own Rules

Um, yes. I’m making this an activity!

There’s not an example of this on Pinterest. Probably because anyone in their right mind, trying to entertain kids for the summer wouldn’t do this (eh hem – sorry nanny)! But hear me out.

I figured this would be a fun time to set some ground rules AND let the kids come up with their own rules.

I’m going to write these on long pieces of poster board. They’ll decorate with crayons, stickers and sticky gems.

I’ll post a picture of how these come out next week.

Wednesday: Name Mosaics

Each child will get to practice their names (while practicing glueing, cutting, letter recognition and color recognition).

This super cute idea comes from Splish Splash Splatter Art.

Don’t forget to tell your kiddos “just a dot – not a lot” when it comes to that glue.

Name Mosaic Live from the Playroom Compilation

Thursday: Weather Plates

J’s pre-school did these adorable plates this year. Unfortunately, he was out sick.

He must have seen them in the school because he told me all about them. He begged me to do them, but didn’t know how to explain what they were.

Lucky for him, I have his teacher’s email – ha!

Fun weather chart from live from the playroom

Friday: Table Placemats

This is another one I don’t have a tutorial for. I don’t even have a picture.


I will – by the end of the week.

When I was a kid, my mom had us make these what seemed like ALL THE TIME. We loved them!

Basically, you just cut out a placemat-sized rectangle from a poster board. Each child puts on pictures, stickers, draws. Then you cover it with contact paper.

Next thing you know, they have their own little craft place for the whole year.

Want more ideas? You can catch week 2 here!

Here are some of the craft supplies you need for this week (and for the summer ahead!):

Construction Paper

Elmer’s Glue

Craft Jewels (My favorite!)

Cotton Balls

Kid’s Paint

Pipe Cleaners

Paper plates


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