Manual Mode: Day 3; My Kids are Fast

This was the hardest day on manual.

My kids. Are. Fast.

For a beginning photographer – I threw in the towel on ALL-MANUAL.

But guess what – there’s a little mode for people like us and it’s not auto.

Check out that Tv mode.

This is basically shutter speed preference. In my last post, I wrote about how you can use shutter speed to capture action. A low fraction = stopping action. A high fraction = action blur.

I.E. 1/4000 stops action
1/4 blurs

When you use the Tv mode – you get to set the shutter speed first. Then your camera will automatically do the rest of the work for you.

It’s like magic.

Here’s a couple of photos I caught on Tv with the shutter speed set at 1/800.

Using Tv Mode
Tv mode: 1/800, f/7.1, ISO 200
Tv Mode on Camera
Tv mode: 1/800, f5.6, ISO 400
tv mode on camera
Tv mode: 1/800, f5.6, ISO 400

The best thing about this preference setting mode is Tv isn’t the only one.

There’s also Av! This is aperture preference setting! Remember, from my last post on this – aperture gives you the chance to choose whether you want a blurry background or not.


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