A Birthday Party with 5 Themes

Did I seriously just type out “A Birthday Party with 5 Themes?”

Did I seriously just throw a birthday party with five themes?


And yes.

Now for the justification.

Everyday my almost 5-year-old would have another idea for a birthday party, “We can make donuts for a Zootopia party!”

“Everyone can build their own LEGO creations!”

“How about a Trolls dance party?”

I feel I should publicly acknowledge that birthdays don’t really need themes – and I could have totally just done a modge podge of things and everything would have been fine.

But – I’m not that kind of mom.

I was determined to throw a party with one theme. I tried to push him in this director or that – until finally – the perfect theme came to mind.

“5 Favorite Things.”

J was turning five and he had changed his mind at least five times. Perfect.

So that’s how we combined Trolls, LEGO, Zootopia, Bob the Builder and Snoopy.

And yes – I did have to veto a pitched “6 Favorite Things” party. Sorry Paw Patrol – you didn’t make the cut.

The Cake

Obviously the cake needed to represent every theme, obviously.


I’m so happy with how it came out. Yes, I use a lot of toys to make my cakes happy – but hey, we can’t all be the Cake Boss.



This is another place we incorporated all five themes.

Okay, I know this got out of hand!

It all started with the idea for the LEGO juice boxes. Things spiraled and what I had pitched as a ‘Caution’ sign – turned into a “digger.” You can thank the new 5-year-old for that.

In fact, I was getting ready to cut out said ‘Caution’ signs when my son told me he thought it would be cooler if there was a bucket on the drinks like one of the Bob the Builder characters. So I made the triangle-looking bucket on the left side of the drink.

All proud of myself, I showed him my creation.

He hit himself in the head (doh!) and said, “Mom! I meant the back bucket” while dangling his arm out to the side of him like a digger.


He had the idea for nearly everything here, including to write “ZPD Z” on the police badges. He pointed out the additional ‘Z’ and said it made it look like a real police badge.

He wasn’t totally thrilled with my idea to leave eyes off the trolls.

“You just really like to make stuff without eyes, don’t you?”


Zootopia (and some Snoopy)

The part most of the kids loved was the donut decorating. I created a ‘The Big Donut’ sign from Zootopia (you remember, this donut almost rolled over Mr. Big’s daughter).

I put together little containers of frosting for each child. They also got a container full of fruit and could use sprinkles to decorate their donuts.


Wait? What does this have to do with Snoopy? We grabbed dog bowls from the dollar store to serve as the dishes.img_8356

And success.


By the way, the cute boy didn’t touch his donut. He later told me it was because he was worried about peanut cross contamination. These were the first donuts I had ever found that were nut-free.

Zootopia Photo Booth

I LOVE having a “photo booth” for the kids to take pictures. It’s less of a photo booth and more of a generic place to take pictures with the kids.

This year, we got a personalized poster and some animal masks.

Of course, you have to bring it full circle with a Zootopia quote.



Zootopia Sloth Race

This was absolutely J’s favorite part of the party. It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a race in slow motion.

It was also his idea. He practiced for weeks.

This was truly hilarious. There were a dozen kids crawling in slow motion – and most were doing their hands like J’s as seen below.


LEGO Pin the Hat/Hair

Grandpa came to the rescue making this awesome LEGO guy. We made hats, hair and helmets for the kids to pin on the top of the head.

(By the way, I hung the tape on the poster because the last party I couldn’t find any! Lifesaver!)

Enter a caption

They loved it.


Various Other Parts of the Party:

  • Bob the Builder Demolition aka pinata
  • Trolls Dance Party


We had so much fun filling these up:



This was so much fun! It was so amazing to be surrounded by so many of our amazing friends to celebrate our special boy.



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