Playroom Inspiration

Our real estate agent sat us down and asked us what was most important to us in a new home.

After this and that – my husband and I said at the same time, “playroom.”

Right now, our living room is truly the living room. Toys. Toys. Toys.

Literally, right now I’m looking at train tracks, a recycling truck, castle, interactive table and barn, puzzle pieces, Nick Wilde – wow, I should probably clean.

We found just the place on our first day of searching. It has plenty of room for the playroom of our dreams. AKA the solution to stepping on legos in the living room.

Since then I’ve been hitting up my Pinterest account looking for what to do with a playroom – other than just throw toys in there.

Here’s my inspiration so far:

IKEA bookshelves 

I love what Honey Bear Lane did with IKEA’s bookshelves. The two sides are actually one tall bookshelf cut in half.

playroom inspiration

Wall Art

I am obsessed with this. Every part of this art wall is amazing (not to mention A Girl & a Glue Gun did it with $5). I will definitely have a paintbrush on our wall.

playroom inspiration

playroom inspiration

I love the frames with interchangeable art from Living Well Spending Less.

playroom inspiration

Playroom Kids Table

Gotta have a table in the kids room for the art area! This one from Shanty 2 Chic is too perfect.

playroom inspiration

Organized Art Supplies

Dirt & Boogers put together this great list! I love how the jars are used in this one. It’s perfect because 1) They come from Oriental Trading so they’re cheap, 2) They’re clear and the color adds a nice pop 3) They’re plastic and won’t break

playroom inspiration

Crayon Holder

This is amazing. Mom’s Crafty Space made these amazing crayon holders out of cans! Check out what she did! I can’t wait to get this in my house!

playroom inspiration

Reading Corner

I love the reading corner from The Readys Home with the bean bag chairs.

playroom inspiration

Alphabet Wall

Years and years ago, I read this from Baby Making Machine and lost my mind. I couldn’t put the ABCs in our living room – so I have been waiting for a playroom to enter my life. I’m so glad my boys are still young enough to appreciate it.

playroom inspiration

And the ‘L’ will look like this.

playroom inspiration

And more inspiration for the letters.

playroom inspiration

Superhero Inspiration

Once I started thinking about Superheroes with the letters – I couldn’t get off the subject.

playroom inspiration

And this is incredible.

playroom inspiration

Magnetic Wall

I’ve always liked the idea of a chalk wall, but this is a cleaner version of that!

playroom inspiration

What am I missing?

What’s part of your dream playroom?

Playroom Inspiration


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