Top Posts in my First Year Blogging


One year down.

I can’t believe I’ve been blogging for one year. It’s actually really shocking because I have no idea where the time has gone. Does this mean I’m a year older? My kids are a year older?

Whether I like to admit it or not – time is absolutely flying by.

To celebrate one year in – I want to look back at my top 5 posts of the year! If you haven’t seen these ones yet – check them out and let me know what you think!

I’m going to do this in David Letterman style, bottom to top.

5. What I Want My Son With Food Allergies to Know
(To Save His Life)

I’m excited to start the list with this one because this is one of my first food allergy posts. This post sparked a conversation between me and my husband about how annoying it is to carry the EpiPen. After I wrote this and talked to him about why we always have to have it – my big tough husband will carry the bulking life-saving medication just about everywhere.

Just this week my son asked him about whether we could die from his food allergy. I know. My heart. I will write more about that later, but for now – if you (or someone you know) deals with food allergies – check this list out.

4. Snoopy Room Makeover (+ Giveaway!)

These Snoopy decals are still making my son smile. Just the other night, I was putting him to bed when he looked over to the window decals and said, “Sometimes I like to pretend those windows are real.”

He said it as he hugged his stuffed Snoopy.

Easy surprise room makeover with decal

It’s way too late for the giveaway, but check out the adorable surprise video. Little bros reaction is just too much.

3. When Your Child’s the Butt of Everyone’s Jokes

This was recently, when my heart was stomped on one too many times that month.

Over and over again peanut allergies are the butt of the joke. This is my plea to start joking about something else. If you do that, I’ll try to be a little less sensitive. Maybe we’ll meet in the middle?

4. How to Teach Cross Contamination to a Food Allergic Child

Eek – my first “viral” post! This is my absolute favorite post of the year.

I had posted this expecting the typical number of people to check it out. When I looked at the numbers they’d increased exponentially, and then again and again.

It was so exciting!

how to teach cross contamination to your food allergic kid

Not only is it my first viral post ever, I feel so passionate about the information. Cross contamination is one of the hidden dangers that comes with food allergies. You would never guess my son couldn’t have plain MNMs or a Kit Kat.

My 4-year-old son can tell you exactly what cross contamination means – even just yesterday he was comparing imagining conveyer belts – one peanut free and the other not.

5. Kellogg’s Potentially Deadly Decision

This one still gets my blood boiling.

I posted my fears of Kellogg’s decided to add peanut flour to it’s sandwich crackers. This decision even got pretty controversial in the food allergy community – some parents saying everyone needs to stop complaining.

I, however, am standing by my position – products that don’t appear to have peanuts are what end up taking lives. This is dangerous. It will result in more reactions.

You can still sign the SnackSafely petition with information on this post.

Honorary Mention: Planes: Fire & Rescue Party

Okay, so this doesn’t make the top five but it’s one of my favorites. I put a lot of work into this party and I still have pint-sized people telling me how much fun they had.

Planes Fire & Rescue cake

Buckle in for another year!


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