SuperDad Father’s Day Gift

When my husband and I started dating in high school he told me he was Spiderman. Now he has two little boys he think they’re superheroes too.

That’s why for Father’s Day last year – I knew I had to do something superhero related.

Have you seen this going around, “Dad you are as brave as Captain America, as strong as the Hulk, as smart as Ironman, but you are my favorite superhero?”

This is a personalized take on that – with his two favorite littles.

superdad fathers day gift

You can see that I took pictures of my boys dressed up as each superhero – here’s the best part – and dressed up as my husband.

Supply List:

– Picture frame (I used the type with two planes of glass and floating pictures in the middle)
Spiderman Scrapbook Paper
Felt for masks
Word Bubble Chalkboards
– Superhero costumes (details below!)

father's day superhero pictures

Let’s talk pictures.

Here’s the tutorial I used for all of the masks from Cutesy Crafts. But because I’m more cutesy than crafty – I used a hot glue gun. It turned out perfect.


captain america for father's day

This picture just makes me melt. He did this pose all on his own. Here’s how we did it – yes, a paper plate for his shield. Then we got this Captain America costume (this one is a size 5, but also check out 3T, 4T & 6T). The masks are at this link. Again, get the mask template here.

The Hulk

hulk for superdad father's day

This was the hardest picture to get. I asked them to be crazy, but it kept turning into too crazy. This shot was perfect though because it looks like a couple of smashers. We got these purple shorts – it worked really well because when I cut the pockets out – it just looked like Hulk’s typical ripped up shorts! Remember, the masks are here (for my youngest, I thought next time I would have skipped the eye holes so he could just wear it on top of his head).


ironman superhero dads day

Oh my gosh, I know. He is too cute. Again, with this sone – I wish I would have just skipped the eye holes in the mask (link above!). For his shirt we got a red polo. Then I glued some yellow felt on the places you’d see them on Ironman’s suit. You can see the circle of course in the middle – then two strips on his shoulders and another two strips on his sides. If he were older than 12 months – I would have grabbed some red leggings and added yellow pieces to that.


SuperDad project for Father's Day

This is the best part. The part where you take those same little guys who were dressed up as superheroes and put them in Daddy-esq garb. We went with all of Dad’s favorites – his flannel shirts, video games, guitar and of course his work attire.

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the superhero in my life. If only I could have told him in high school he would turn into SuperDad.

Don’t forget to pin this if you like it!


superhero father's day frame


One thought on “SuperDad Father’s Day Gift

  1. i like this idea! so true – dad is the real super hero – my daughter did something like that in school last year – so cute!


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