A Lesson in Losing

“Mom, try really hard to get the Emmy.”

Those were the words of encouragement from my sweet 4-year-old, J.C. before I headed off to the Emmy award ceremony for my region over the weekend.

I didn’t tell him I already tried hard to get the nomination – and a winner had already been chosen. I imagine he thinks there’s some kind of competition with running, jumping and maybe even a report-off the night of the Emmy’s. Not quite as exciting – more like a sheet of paper that already has that list of winners.

My category was one of the last.

After several hours it was my turn. The emcee put our names up on the big screen and yelled, “And the winner is…” In just a moment – the winning entry popped up on the big screen and it wasn’t mine.

I’d never say I wasn’t bummed to not win the gold statue, but I surprisingly didn’t feel like a loser! Phew.

But what was my son going to say?

We’ve spent the last year talking about the Emmy I’ve already won and how hard works means big rewards.

On our way home I thought about up a great speech. It would include all of the important lessons of losing. Sometimes you try and you don’t win. Sometimes someone else just does a better job than you. That’s when you practice, try harder – and go for the win next time.

I actually thought, maybe the loss is better because my boys get to learn a little bit about failure and the importance of perserverance.

A Lesson in Losing

The next morning I broke the news, “Guess what honey? I didn’t win the Emmy.”

He gave me a sad look, almost like he felt sorry for me – you know a half frown and head tilted to the side.

Immediately he said, “Try harder next time.”

Wait, what? I already taught him this? There goes my silver-lining to a loss theory.

He then looked me in the eye, dead serious and said, “Mom. It’s kind of like me. Right now I’m trying to earn the Air Patroller (a Paw Patrol toy). I am working really hard to get it. And one day I will. It’s my dream.”

Aside from the fact my son’s “dream” is to earn a $30 toy from Walmart – my heart wanted to explode out of my chest.

Not only does my son understand hard work, his ability to use a similar story to help me out was stunning.

I guess I already won the biggest prize of all – the Air Patroller. Eh hem, my son.




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