A Preschooler’s “Finding Dory” Expectations

When I saw the new Finding Dory trailer this week, my heart basically skipped a beat.

I am so excited to take my boys to this one!

Last summer, when Disney/Pixar made a whole bunch of movie announcements I sat down with J.C. (4 years old) and asked him what he expected from the movies, including Finding Dory. You can re-visit his hilarious storyline ideas for Finding Dory, Incredibles 2 and Cars 3 here.

Since then we’ve been watching every Finding Dory trailer we can find.

Before I show him the latest one, I wanted to ask him one last time what he expected.

“Maybe Dory and whales, octopuses and squids are together. Maybe a squid might get in a sink. Then it will get it’s tentacle in the drain. Dory is going to swim away and meet a whale. The whale will be saying “Ohhhhh thaaankkk yoooouu.” (Oh, yeah – thank this adorable promo with Kaitlin Olson and Ty Burrell).

finding-dory expectations from a preschooler

J.C. then started singing Zootopia’s “Try Everything” so I asked him if he expected any music in the movie.

He answered with a new song.

“I wish I would be home.
I wish my mom and dad would be here soon.
I wish my mom and dad… I wish my mom and dad were here.
I wish my mom and dad were here.”

He also added, “Pixar is the best.” and “Introducing Disney-Pixar’s Finding J.C.”

Now I’ve gotta go and let him check out the new trailer!

Just keep swimming (and counting down)!


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