Questions My Preschooler Asked Me Today

I’m sure you’ve heard preschoolers ask hundreds of questions a day. I’m sure you’ve heard (and responded) to hundreds of questions a day.

You know, it wouldn’t be so bad if the questions weren’t so off the wall.

Last week, as my son, J.C., rattled off unrelated questions in a single drive home I realized I needed to write some of this down.

That brings me to today and the questions he asked me.

Brace yourself.

Why do moms always sit down when they go potty? Eh hem, why are you still in here?

Did you eat ice cream last night? Possibly.
Did you break your own rule? Possibly again.

Do ants get other bugs to share? Only the bossy ones.

Have you gone poop in a restaurant?
We weren’t in a restaurant. Or in a bathroom.

Where are we going?
What is the surprise?
Is it Santa’s workshop?!
If Santa works at the public library – then yes.

How many rooms do we have?
What is a dining room?

Do you ever want to kiss shoes? No.
What if they’re clean? Still no.

Did you know the whole world is full of shapes and colors? Yes, I also watched that episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Can you spit in a toilet? It’s not the worst thing you can do in a toilet.

Has your poop ever burned? Oh, honey.

Did a wood cutter throw this piece of wood over to our house?
Or was it the great sea chomper? Umm.. the second one?

Have you ever met a pup who can talk?

Why does tape roll?

How big is a blue whale compared to a penguin?
Is a penguin bigger than an ant?

Ice cream doesn’t go in the oven, does it?
Does it go in the water?

Do police officers really shake bad guys to get all of the money out of them? Absolutely. 

(Singing) 1-800-CONTACTS. What’s a contact anyway? And they say advertising doesn’t work.

Why’s it called baking soda? That is a question for Siri, son.

How do you use a whale to snowboard on? Like a pup who can talk, this is not a thing.

When will you have a baby in your tummy?
Wait, that used to be my home? Yep. Enter 4-year-old’s face of disgust.

Tip. of. the. iceberg.

The best part of these questions is they came with no, or very little, context. We weren’t looking at ants when he asked about ants. We weren’t watching TV when he recalled a contacts commercial he had seen.

I just love how his little 4-year-old mind is a-racing, putting the pieces together of this big puzzle called life.

What’s the most ridiculous question your child has asked?

questions my 4 year old asked me today


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