#MyTealStory Food Allergy Awareness Week

Spending the last week reflecting on my son’s food allergy and how to spread awareness was such a great opportunity. I really appreciate FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) and its food allergy awareness week. I also appreciate Turn It Teal and the incredible work it did to light up the world in teal.

Inspired by both, I launched the #MyTealStory #TurnItTeal photo challenge. I loved trying to get creative on some of the pictures and spread awareness. Thank you to everyone who took part, reaching your own part of the social media world!

Here’s a snapshot of my take on the photo challenge:

Mom’s Day Start: Me & going above and beyond

Most cakes come into contact with nuts… so I’ve had to learn to use fondant and make a presentable cake.

This one took me hours upon hours. Like I didn’t sleep that night kind of hours and hours!

Totally worth it.
mytealstory 1

My Boy with Food Allergies

He’s only 4, but is so wise beyond his years!

Recently, he turned down Skittles because he couldn’t remember if they had cross contamination.

He told the teacher that, adding “And I don’t have my Epi-pen my mom has it.”

I was down the hallway!

#MyTealStory food allergy awareness week

Favorite Allergen-Free Alternative

One of our favorite peanut-free alternatives is Red Plate Foods! Its chocolate muffins are my go-to for birthday parties (I just throw on safe frosting and sprinkles). Bonus (without my added-frosting) they are TOP 8 free!! Plus Red Plate also makes cookies and GRANOLA!

#MyTealStory food allergy awareness week

Hardships/Realities of Food Allergies

Most MLB games have peanuts everywhere at the games. I’ve wondered how we would ever be able to attend one of these games. I’ve actually cried at the idea it wouldn’t be possible! It was one of my favorite things to do with my dad when I was younger.

And now I’m holding back tears again today after finding out the Seattle Mariners have introduced a peanut free section for four games!

I’m so so so excited!

The best part is the Mariners were my first baseball game.

My heart is full that at least one hardship has been lessened!

#MyTealStory food allergy awareness week

#TBT Your Child’s Allergic Reaction

The day my son had his biggest allergic reaction to date.

This picture is long past he received medication (benedryl).

I wasn’t home.

He was on an elimination diet because of a previous reaction.

I, with my whole heart, did not believe it was peanut butter (he had had it twice before).

I asked the nanny to give it to him while he was at work.

She did.

He scarfed it.

But turned red and tired.

She put him to nap… And LUCKILY called me.

When she went back up to get him he was covered in hives.

By the time I got him, his eyes swollen shut.

I rushed him to the doc.

He was covered head to toe in red, hives and swollen eyes.

The medicine brought it all down quickly.

He was okay.

BUT my mind can’t stop myself from going to where what could have happened if he would have stayed in his bed, unmedicated… Based on how it was progressing.

Im so thankful for my nanny everyday. She potentially saved his life.

The number one thing I want you to know from my experience is food allergies EVOLVE. There may be no reaction the first time you eat a particular food… The next time it could be totally different.

#MyTealStory food allergy awareness week

Food Allergy Fact

Every THREE minutes an allergic reaction sends someone to the ER in the U.S.

#MyTealStory food allergy awareness week

Thank Someone

I get messages like this all of the time. I picture of ingredients. There’s nothing I appreciate more than that.

I can’t tell you how much it means to me when a friend considers my son and his allergies.

I get pics of food items all the time. When we arrive somewhere someone rushes up and says “I just checked the ingredients they’re not safe” or “I kept all the boxes for you to check.”

I appreciate just as much when a friend messages me about items for another child with allergies… And what is safe for that child I don’t even know.

I am blessed with wonderful friends, a support system, the village I didn’t realize I was going to need.

Thank you.

#MyTealStory food allergy awareness week

Happy Food Allergy Awareness Week! Keep spreading the awareness and I’ll be back with #MyTealStory next year!


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