#TurnItTeal Photo Challenge

Food Allergy Awareness Week is nearly here! This year, I hope we can takeover the Internet with photos of the the little people who have inspired us to throw out the peanut butter and skip the fried eggs. This is our chance to share our hardships, but also our successes and give props to those who support us.

I hope you will all take part in my #TurnItTeal photo challenge! This will start in just over a week – Mother’s Day!

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #TurnItTeal and #MyTealStory. Also tag or share with me @PlayroomReport on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram!

#TurnItTeal #Mytealstory photo challenge

Sunday, May 8th – Is it a coincidence Food Allergy Awareness Week starts out on Mother’s Day? All of you food allergy moms are Supermoms! On this day share a picture of you or something you’ve done to go above and beyond for your child. I want to see your smile, your fancy cakes, your epic-pen toting on this day!

Monday, May 9th – Share a picture of the person in your life with food allergies

Tuesday, May 10th – Share a picture of your favorite allergen-free alternative

Wednesday, May 11th – Share a picture that shows one of the hardships/realities of food allergies (a food you gave up, that random hive, your child at the hospital, a picture of your child with a bullying story, whipping up a safe cupcake before a party, etc.)

Thursday, May 12th – #TBT Share a throwback picture of your child’s reaction. Spread awareness of what a food allergy can do.

Friday, May 13th – Share a food allergy fact and one thing you wish everyone understood about food allergies.

Saturday, May 14th – Say thank you! FARE’s week is all about Reacting with Respect. We have those special people in our lives. Share a picture or shoutout to the people who support your child’s food allergy journey.

Set your clocks for a Mother’s Day start! Don’t forget to subscribe to this blog for a reminder (and a weekly food allergy-related post!).

If you don’t have food allergies, or a child dealing with them – you can still get involved! Share what you know about food allergies, what you’ve learned from a friend, why you are standing by them!

Who’s in?

#TurnItTeal #MyTealStory Food Allergy Awareness Week Photo Challenge


9 thoughts on “#TurnItTeal Photo Challenge

  1. I’m in! We’ve been sharing our story for a few years but this is such a fun new way to raise education, awareness and acceptance! Is there somewhere I can download a blank #turn it teal border like the one posted above? Is love to use it along with my sons photo. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is so great! I’m excited that you’ll take part!

      You know, the picture frame is a great idea! I’ll see what I can do… but my techie knowledge may not be quite as good as I want it to be! haha!


    2. I need to get a little better with the photo editing! NEXT YEAR I will try to have something downloadable for the pictures! That is a great idea!

      How is the photo challenge going so far? Tag me so I can share!


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