Adding a Medical ID on iPhone

Am I the only food allergy mom who watches Grey’s Anatomy and panics over the moments a mom is wheeled away on a gurney and the kids are bussed away to who knows where. In my head, the kids are being taken to the cafeteria or handed snacks.

Well anyway, I let my thoughts get away from myself.

Okay, so Grey’s is just a TV show.

But let’s be honest.

I work in news.

This stuff is happening all the time and we should be ready for the possibility.

The good news?

I found a cool little way to prepare on the iPhone. With the latest operating systems, you can write up a Medical ID that is accessible when your phone is locked.

While I want this for my food allergy son, this is something everyone can take advantage of. As you’ll see, you have the option to list your name, medical conditions, medical notes, spouse, mother, father and whether you’re an organ donor.

Step 1: Click on The Health Icon

get your medical id in line in case of emergency

Step 2: Click on Medical ID

It will likely open to a Dashboard page. You don’t need that. You’re looking for the icon on the right bottom side – Medical ID.

Save Your Medical ID with a few steps here

Step 3: Fill Out Your Details

This is a great opportunity to get your medical conditions, notes and emergency contacts in an easy to access spot. Just press done when you are done.

easy way to set up your medical id

Under “Show When Locked” make sure to slide the button to green.

easy way to set up medical ID

Step 4: Here’s How This Works

When your phone is locked, slide to the right.

When this pops up, you press “Emergency.”

create a medical id just in case

Then click on “Medical ID” and you should see your completed ID.

save your medical id in case of an emergency

Wha-la! Now if someone gets a hold of this and I can’t talk for my son – they’ll at least think twice before giving him some peanut butter crackers. That’s the hope. Of course, there’s always the chance it won’t be looked at. BUT it takes so little time, I’d say I’ll take my chances!

save your medical id in case of an emergency


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