Signs My Toddler is Actually a Dog

Between the constant barking (it’s one of the only sounds he knows) and his huge puppy dog eyes – it’s come to my attention I may actually be raising a dog, not a 1 1/2 year old boy.

I laughed it off when the idea popped into my mind. But it didn’t take long for me to realize, my boy is definitely a dog in a little human’s body.

Here are the signs:

1. He plays in the toilet

2. Almost exclusively eats table scraps

Signs my toddler is a dog

3. Runs in a circle as if he’s chasing his own tail

4. Eats cereal without using his hands or a spoon

5. Constant drooling

signs my toddler is actually a dog

6. Carries items in his mouth

7. Bites for self-defense

8. Fetches a ball (but doesn’t always bring it back)

9. Goes crazy at the sight of his own reflection

10. Chases birds

11. After one of his kisses, you’ll have to wipe your face

12. Has a designated area to poop in

13. Freaks out when he sees strangers

14. Barks at (other) dogs

15. Loves getting into the trash

16. Wants what you’re eating

17. Will beg for food

18. Will sneak said food when you’re not looking

19. Chews stuff up

20. Always has a happy-go-lucky puppy demeanor

21. Responds to commands “sit,” “no” and “down”

22. Does not respond to commands “sit,” “no” and “down”

23. Considering obedience classes for him

24. Has eaten his own poop

25. Watches me from the window when I leave

26. Jumps on me when I get home

27. Hides my stuff

28. Cannot be trusted to be alone with a book

29. He shows his toys he cares by chewing on them

30. Sits in your lap at the most inconvenient times

31. Uses just sounds to warn you of an emergency

32. Yelps from the kennel – err, crib

33. Digs holes in the backyard

34. Doesn’t understand boundries

35. Is adorably snuggly

36. Just 5 minutes with him can turn around your whole day

37. He shows unconditional love

And if there was any question, this really proved it.

Is your toddler actually a dog? Or maybe your dog is a toddler? What should I add to the list?


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