Defeating Nut Allergies with SunButter & Jelly Popcorn Balls

When my son J.C. was first diagnosed with a peanut allergy, we started talking about it as if it were Voldemort.

The food-that-should-not-be-named.

In books, when the characters were eating “peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,” I bleeped out the “peanut butter” part to to just read “sandwiches.”

When Disney Jr. promoted its “Peanut Butter and Jelly Popcorn Balls” I launched across the couch to turn the channel as if Volde — eh hem, he-who-should-not-be-named himself and a team of Dementors in our house.

Then I realized (with the help of a friend), I can’t live in fear of a jar of peanut butter wearing a dark cloak following my son around.

In take two of my parenting (because that’s how it works), we started acknowledging that it’s okay for other kids to eat peanuts.

In this, our discussion turned to the big world of alternatives for J.C.

SunButter was our lifesaver – or should I say – our Harry Potter.

It didn’t take long for J.C. (and me) to realize there was no reason to be left out. And no reason to make elaborate lunch sandwiches – because we had our Harry Potter, our SunButter.

With this knowledge (and a pantry full of SunButter), when Disney Jr.’s “Peanut Butter and Jelly Popcorn Balls” popped back up on T.V. no one turned it off.

Instead, at just 4 years old, my son yelled, “How about we make SUNBUTTER and Jelly Popcorn Balls?”

Because this was 100% his idea, he is running the show.

SunButter & Jelly Popcorn Balls

You’ve got to hear it from him:


Not only is SunButter safe for my son (who is Peanut, Tree Nut and Shellfish-free), come this spring – it will be safe for anyone with one of the top 8 allergens (which account for 90% of food allergies).

In January, SunButter started roasting with its new sunflower-exclusive roaster. That means it is now SOY FREE! Watch for the new soy free packages this spring. This is a huge win for the food allergy community!

Even better than winning a game of Quidditch.

While a seed allergy is not in the Top 8 allergens, it does exist and is very real. If you know someone with a seed (or sunflower seed) allergy – please do not serve this to or around them, as it could result in an anaphylactic reaction.

sunbutter and jelly popcorn balls


  • 1 Bag of Popcorn
  • 1 c. of SunButter Natural
  • 2 c. of Marshmallows
  • 3 Tbs. of Honey
  • 1/4 c. Jelly
  • 1 tsp. Water
  1. Pop one bag of popcorn, empty into big bowl making sure to pull out any kernels
  2. Mix in 1 cup of SunButter, spreading the pure deliciousness evenly across the popcorn
  3. Melt the marshmallows in the microwave in 30 second increments. It only took me one 30 seconds to melt them down.
  4. Pour the honey directly into the marshmallows
  5. Pour the honey/marshmallow mix into the popcorn and mix
  6. Make popcorn balls! Put these in the fridge for about 10 minutes to help the stay together
  7. While they’re in the fridge, mix the jelly and water
  8. Spoon the jelly on the popcorn balls
  9. Take pictures of your creation and tweet me (and ENJOY!)

**I partnered with SunButter and received Natural SunButter for this recipe review. All opinions are my own.**



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