Signs You’re Baby (Girl) Hungry

1. You Realize Everyone Has a Baby Girl (Except You!)

You’re walking around Target and every. single. mom. who passes by has a cart full of girls. They’re adorable. They have huge bows, princess shoes and Barbies in their carts.
Oh, one of them wants to talk to you.
You’re what? Oh, you’re on a “special daughter-mom date with your mom.”
Oh my gosh. Is this happening? Did that little girl just tell me she’s on a special daughter-mom date with her mom?! Is she trying to rub it in or something? Yeah, little girl, you’re right – I can’t go on mommy-daughter dates. Thanks. Thanks a lot. 
Signs youre baby girl hungry
2. You’ve Started Pinning Princess Party Details
Hey, son – are you suuuree you don’t want to have a Beauty and the Beast party (from PopSugar)
Signs You're Baby Girl Hungry
Check out my ‘My Someday Girl’ Pinterest board here. I mean seriously – one pattern for all of the princess dresses?!
3. You’re Sending Your Niece More Presents Than Usual
It’s just that every dress is so cute and would be so perfect on the little person that looks so much like you. Nope, not your daughter – your niece.
So you put it in a package with a Fancy Nancybook (and tell her how fancy she is), but you also throw in the pink baseball mitt so she remembers she can be anyone she wants to be.
Sigh again.
What else does my little C need? Can I call her mine? She is MY niece after all.
4. You Start Dressing Yourself Like a Disney Princess
Okay, so it’s generally not acceptable to wear tail fins around the office or a bikini-shell top. So you opt for a dark teal fin – eh hem – skirt and purple shirt a la Ariel.
signs you want a baby girl
5. Your Text Messages Include an Added Emoji Family Member
She has bows.
6. You “Accidentally” End Up in the Barbie Aisle
Ohhh, this isn’t the Dinotrux aisle? I’m sorry honey. Since we’re here though… 
7. You Let Your Boys Grow Out Their Hair
What? No husband, these aren’t pig tails. It’s just he can’t quite pull off the man bun yet.
8. You Ask Your Friend if Her Daughter Would Like to Match Outfits With You
But then you realize that’s weird, and you don’t press send on this text message. That’s probably for the better.
signs you want a baby girl
All jokes aside, I adore being a boy mom. I wanted two boys to start!
But even they admit (okay, J.C. begs) for a sister – to complete our “Incredible’s” family. And if she just so happens to play the role of every Disney Princess as well – hey – win/win.
And when/if I have a daughter – no, you and her cannot have matching LulaRoe leggings. That’s just weird.
 *Baby Girl photo provided by Pexels for free.
*This post contains affiliate links, don’t be afraid to click – that helps me!

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