Plane Propeller Pretzels

I absolutely love the age my son’s at – 4 years old!

He’s starting to have his own ideas about how things should go, ideas for what he wants to do – and maybe most importantly for this party-obsessed momma – his original ideas for party snacks.

That includes this one for the Planes fan.

J.C. calls it “Zoom Plane Candy.”

And it’s so easy – you guessed it – that a 4-year-old could make it.

On top of that, it takes less than 10 minutes – start to finish.

You’ll Need:

  • Square pretzels
  • Rolos
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Hershey-ets (or M&M’s if you don’t have peanut allergies to worry about)

Step One: Preheat Oven to 250 Degrees

Step Two: Lay Out Your Square Pretzels

Plane Propeller Pretzels

Step Three: Add a Rolo per Pretzel

For one of our batches I thought I’d take the lazy way out, and bought the unwrapped mini-Rolos. As with most things in life, being lazy didn’t pay off. Ha – so just bite the bullet and unwrap the Rolos – it’ll be worth it.

Step Four: Throw those bad boys into the oven

Bake them for 3-4 minutes. While that’s happening, work on step five.

Step Five: Prepare Your Propellers – a.k.a. Pretzel Sticks

All you have to do is break them in half. Try to keep them as similar as possible. You’ll need three halves per pretzel.

Plane Propeller Pretzels

Step Six: Create Your Propeller

With melted Rolos sitting atop the pretzels push the pretzel halves into the chocolate.

Plane Propeller Pretzels

Step Seven: Add a Nose

We use peanut-free Hershey-ets, but you could also pick up M&Ms if you’re not going to be serving to children with peanut allergies (those pesky things have cross contamination!).

Plane Propeller Pretzels

Step Eight: Impress Your Guests

The Planes fans at J.C.’s birthday party spotted the propellers right away. The “Zoom Plane Candy” pretzels were a hit all the way round.

Plane Propeller Pretzels


Do you have a Planes Fan Who Loves Chocolate?

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Fun, Easy & FAST Plane Propeller Pretzels


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