Why I’m Not Complaining About Turning 30

I turn 30 in 30 days.

Okay, so 30 is a huge number. Like way bigger than 20 (like, totally bigger).

When I was 20, I lived in an apartment with a ton of girls. We were single looking to mingle. Seriously. We were constantly looking for dates. When we weren’t counting kisses (literally), we were making cookies and starting our mornings with Pilates.

What a different life.

Now I live in a home with a ton of boys – and they’re all mine. I struggle to squeeze out a date or two a month with my husband. I eat cookies while hiding from my sons in the pantry. And Pilates? I do leg lifts while I’m playing trains on the floor with J.C.



It’s kind of an overwhelming number.

why i'm not complaining about turning 30

But, even so, I’m going to be okay with it.

Yes, I have more gray hairs. Yes, I’m in need of a little Botox.

But I am (almost) 30.

I’ve been able to live to be 30.

If only my cousin would have had the chance.

If only countless young people who lost their lives would have been able to do the same.

Graduate high school, get married, work their dream jobs, become a parent.

I think a lot about my sweet cousin and other young people who lost their lives too early.

In news, I cover a lot of that. In today’s newscast alone I can think of two teenagers who didn’t get to live to half my nearly new age.

I can’t complain about the years I’ve prayed to keep.

i cant complain about the years i've prayed to keep livefromtheplayroom

My whole life I wanted to be here – a mom, a news anchor, a wife.

I’m here.

It’s daunting.

It’s hard, busy and totally overwhelming.

But so rewarding.

AND I get to do it, when so many of my sweet young friends didn’t.

What they would have given to have had another year (much less another 24, another 13, another 2).

I’m thirty. And I’m going to own it for them.

I’m not going to roll my eyes and sigh (and maybe even cry) because I’m “so old.”

I’m going to thank God for the extra breath I’ve been given. And while I’m at it – I’m going to use my years to remember those who weren’t as lucky.

If you want to give me a birthday gift (yeah, I know that’s what you were thinking) – consider a donation to one of these awesome organizations!

Children’s Miracle Network

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


Ethan Jostad Foundation

Food Allergy Research & Education


Sparrow Clubs


5 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Complaining About Turning 30

  1. I’ll be 40 in a few years, and I’ve never dreaded growing older. You’re only as old as you feel, and thankfully, I don’t feel old most days. I have a great life, and birthdays are a privilege. Your outlook is inspiring!

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