Celebrating a 4-Year-Old Planes Fan

Now that Christmas is over, I have a week to get into birthday mode. Yeah, a week.

This year my cute baby boy is turning 4 years old.

Perfect photo for the Disney Planes fan


We’re throwing a Planes: Fire & Rescue Party.

I can’t wait to show you all the details, especially the Zoom Plane Candy, created (and named) by J.C. himself.

But for now, a moment to think about my sweet boy.

He is such a compassionate boy with a huge heart.

He has a vision of how he wants things to be and nothing else will work.

He’s hard working (yes, my 4-year-old). The caveat is that it comes to things he wants to do. Right now he’s working pretty hard on an incredible tour that’s “starting to get pretty tall.”

He loves praise. Then again, what kid doesn’t? Sometimes he will say something, while looking at me from the corner of his eye – just waiting for praise.

He also gives praise. Just today he told me I did a great job on the waffles.

He is so smart – he can write his own name, figure out what words start with, add, subtract and multiply.

In our home, it’s Snoopy, Planes (trains and automobiles) and a whole lot of love.

I love this boy and the joy he has brought into my life.


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