You Want WHAT?! The Random Christmas Wish that Sent Me On a Mad Dash

I’ve been (mostly) ready for Christmas since Black Friday (you can read about my #BF love here).

All of the Christmas presents are just waiting to go under the tree on Christmas Eve.

It’s been a low stress, all-ready, Paw Patrol-pups-stashed-away-in-the-closet, near-carefree kind of month.

That is – until I took my boys to see Santa.

You want WHAT?! My last minute mad dash to find the perfect Christmas gift.

While Big G screamed at the top of his lungs at the sight of the bowl-full-of-jelly-belly, J.C climbed atop his knee with a smile on the face.

You want WHAT?! My last minute mad dash to find the perfect Christmas gift.
He was on a mission.

He gave Santa a big grin and announced “I want a Jack in the Box.”

A what?!

You want WHAT?! My last minute mad dash to find the perfect Christmas gift.

I could not have heard him correctly.

I thought you wanted the Disney Cars Mack semi-truck, the Paw Patroller and Duplos.

You want a freaking JACK IN THE BOX?!

Do you even know what a Jack in the Box is?

Thoughts of panic went through my mind as I forced a smile to get a picture of his adorable smile.

You want WHAT?! My last minute mad dash to find the perfect Christmas gift.

To make matters worse, as we walked to the car he said, “I just know Santa’s going to get me a Jack in the Box!”


You just know it?

This Santa doesn’t even know where to get a  Jack in the Box.

Then the adorable-factor went up about a billion percent (if that’s even possible).

He had come up with an entire scenario.

“On Christmas morning I’ll look under the tree and see a box.

I’ll say, ‘Look, a box. Oh! It had a crank! What happens when I turn it?'”

He sings the melody.

“Whoa! It’s a Jack in the Box.”

So somehow my almost 4-year-old not only found out what a Jack in the Box was – he also had created the perfect Christmas surprise.

This sent me into a panic, naturally.  I should say, I know he doesn’t need EVERYTHING – but it’s a Jack in the Box. It’s just a teensy wish that he “just knows” Santa will bring him.

I started googling, searching and shopping for one.

I kept striking out, until I heard about a specialty toy store in the mall.

My husband got home from work, I dropped everything and told him I’d be back.

This just happened to be Super Saturday so the mall was PACKED. I scored a parking spot in the back of the parking lot.

I started walking.

Then it turned into a sprint.

I was sprinting into the mall.

What was going to happen? Was I going to get the Jack in the Box by the 60 seconds my sprinting saved me? Was it going to give me a minute on another shopper who would be reaching to grab it until she was overtaken by the crazy-sprinting-mom?

When I realized all of that – that sprinting was only making me look dumb… I slowed down.

My heart was still racing (eh hem – not because I’m out of shape), but because the adrenaline was pumping.

It was me and the rest of the world trying to get their hands on a Jack in the Box.

Wait? What? I’ve been watching too much “Jingle All the Way.”

When I walked into the store, I saw it before I even got to the aisle.

A cute little Curious George hanging out of his box.

Don’t worry, I did a quick check of the peripherals to match-up the competition. No one was racing me there.

I had this in the bag.

I grabbed the cute little guy, only to realize he was damaged. There’s a pretty big dent in the box.

I asked if hey had another one.

They told me everyone had been asking.


This WAS Jingle All the Way.

Apparently, the only reason this Curious George was left was because no one wanted one that was damaged.

Well, I had no other choice.

My son’s 4. He won’t notice, right?

I snatched my Turbo Man – ehm, Jack in the Box and went on my way.

Now he’s sitting at home, ready to have that mysterious crank pulled to create the best surprise Christmas ever.

Have you ever gone just a little crazy for a last-minute Christmas gift?

You want what. When kids ask for random gifts


8 thoughts on “You Want WHAT?! The Random Christmas Wish that Sent Me On a Mad Dash

  1. Oh wow! I kept telling my kids they couldn’t change their minds cuz Santa was already working on their original requests!! haha! I did have slight panic thought waiting on one gift I ordered online to arrive from Korea…thankfully it arrived with one day to spare..I was getting Santa’s IOU ready. Sheesh…kids are real creative and SPECIFIC these days!! I hope yours was a merry one!!


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