“Snoopy is Love”

Tonight is one of our family’s favorite nights of the year – the night where we get to watch our favorite pup pal and his best friend take on the world (while learning the true meaning of Christmas!).

It’s A Charlie Brown Christmas!
Tonight will be a special celebration – 50 years, FIFTY YEARS since the holiday special first aired on television.
It’s a 50-year-old tradition that still touches my preschooler at his core.
J.C. might be Snoopy’s biggest fan.
snoopy is love
He has not one, not even two – but maybe closer to half a dozen Snoopy stuffed animals. We celebrate Snoopy’s birthday (eh hem or unbirthdays) more days than not. Snoopy goes everywhere and most importantly has to be in bed every night. He goes by “Snoop-dog” “Snoopy da-boopy,” “feefee,” “cutie-cute-puppy” and “feef.” The once white-dog looks a little more like Pig-Pen’s blanket these days. When Snoopy was taken from him for bad behavior one day – he responded through teary eyes, “But he’s my best friend.”
Snoopy goes everywhere and most importantly has to be in bed every night.
Through all of that I’ve know Snoopy was an important part of J.C.’s life, but it wasn’t until Valentine’s Day of last year I got a taste of how my 3-year-old’s mind worked.
The moment J.C. saw Snoopy in the Macy’s Day Parade.

I was making a video to describe love.

I asked J.C., “What is love?”
He responded, “Snoopy.”
I asked again, “What is love?”

I re-directed my question to Snoopy (who has conversations with J.C. on a regular basis), “Snoopy, what is love?

J.C. in his Snoopy voice responded “Cutie-cute puppies.”
And maybe that IS what love is. Just a dog to rely on when the rest of the world has you down (even if his dog house is too commercial!). Maybe that’s why the story of the underdog and his actual-dog has stood the test of time.
Maybe that’s exactly what this season is about – an unconditional puppy-like (even stuffed animal-like) love for each other.

I had to get J.C.’s input for this post. I asked him, “What should everyone know about Snoopy?”

 His answer, “That he’s cute.”
I can’t argue with that.
Will you be watching ABC’s special event tonight? See ‘It’s Your 50th Christmas Charlie Brown,’ followed by ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas.’

1snoopy is love

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