A Letter to Black Friday Haters

Dear Black Friday haters,

I see you with your mean Facebook posts about how all Black Friday shoppers put greed before family traditions (while you’re spending Thanksgiving with your family – eh hem – updating your Facebook page about how dumb us crazy shoppers are).

Here’s what you need to know.

It IS a tradition!

As much as turkey is part of Thanksgiving, shopping is part of the tradition for many people.

On Thanksgiving morning, I stood in line at the store to get my Thanksgiving day newspaper packed with Black Friday ads. An older woman behind me gasped. She said so lovingly and longingly for her grandma, “Oh! The ads! Me and my grandma used to always look through that paper.” She went on to talk about the special tradition they had – calculating their shopping plans – and how they did that for TWENTY YEARS. She sighed with a smile on her face and said, “That was so special.”

My tradition goes back to college, but has been just as much fun with the guests I’ve had for Thanksgiving. My Mom & I had a blast last year. I’ve done the same with cousins, friends.

Just because I’m spending my Thanksgiving evening a little different, doesn’t mean it’s any less special.

It’s not all about greed. 

Okay, so it involves money. It doesn’t mean it’s about greed. I know there have been some terrible stories of stampedes, fights, etc – that’s NOT what I’m talking about (that IS about greed).

But I’m talking about the middle class. It’s a group of people working harder than ever and earning less than ever. Don’t you think it’s okay that one (eh hem, a few) days a year they stock up on some high priced items that maybe they can’t afford the rest of the year?

Not to mention some of the amazing people I ran into while shopping. One woman dropped what she was doing to show me where she got an item. Others held spots in line, let others check out their ads.

Holiday Stress Is OVER

I’ve seen a lot of posts on my Facebook feed about how I (Black Friday shoppers) are losing out on memories, choosing to shop over family, etc.) But guess what? I’m done. My Christmas stress lasted all of three hours.

Now, I get to enjoy the rest of the season. I won’t be writing lists, wondering when my packages will arrive, what to buy, where to get what, what to do when I can’t get a hold of Turbo-Man on Christmas Eve (get it Jingle All The Way fans?)

Okay, so I’m spending my energy defending Black Friday – and that’s weird. But really, there’s just so many Black Friday haters out there!

How about for our Christmas gift, we just stop posting on Facebook about what everyone else is doing wrong. No more formula shaming, nap-skipping lectures and BLACK FRIDAY HATERS.

Happy Shopping!

Stop Hating on Black Friday Shoppers



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