Last Minute Spiderman Party (Throw in an Hour or Less!)

My husband HATES birthdays – not because he is worried about the number of candles on the cake (eh hem, it was a lot), but because he feels like there shouldn’t be fanfare around the day you were born.

Unfortunately, he married me. Hehe.

We are usually pretty low key for his birthday, but this year my 3-year-old, J.C., was set on a Spiderman theme for Dad. I held off, until that Saturday rolled around.

That’s when we stocked up on a couple things to make a Spiderman party a success. We threw the whole thing together in less than an hour!

1. WEB – This was obviously THE most important thing needed at any Spiderman party. We grabbed some yarn and started stringing it through the house. The kitchen was the easiest because of the cabinet handles. Through the hallways we used thumbtacks to pin the yarn to the wall (the tape I originally tried didn’t work well).

2. MORE WEB – We couldn’t stop there. Next we made some more interactive web. It was easy as wrapping these adorable free printables around cans of silly string. We surprised Dad when he got home, by blasting him with web. Enjoy the picture by candlelight (I told you it was a lot of candles).

3. CAKE – I set up that while the cake was baking. If you’re going to throw a party in less than an hour (or if you’re not a cake decorator) you need to take a shortcut – toy.

Throwing a last minute Spiderman party is as easy as web, web and more web!2

4. DECORATIONS – We hit up our friendly neighborhood dollar store and spent $2 whopping dollars on some fun straws and a Spidey-themed ‘Happy Birthday’ banner.


And with a flick of the Spiderman web-slinging wrist, you’re ready to celebrate!

How to throw a last minute spiderman party


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