One Year Older & Wiser Too

My goodness, there’s nothing like your baby turning one-year-old to remind you how fast time is flying by.
livefromtheplayroom my oneyearoldThat’s why, before I forget – I want to take a moment to treasure the little boy Big G is right now.

That smile there. It’s his permanent disposition. He laughs at everything. Always laughing – when we put his clothes on, when he sees his brother, when he sees his reflection.

He is just such a happy boy. I love that joy he brings into our home.

He’s also hilarious.

He has two favorite things to do – dancing and brushing his teeth.

His dance is so funny. He rocks his head back and forth like a crazy headbanger. He also puts his hands in front of him and moves them around slowly.

Now to the teeth brushing. It’s so funny. When he sees anyone brushing their teeth he starts by saying “ahhh.” When his teeth are not brushed with that other person’s tooth brush – he throws a fit.

When he finally gets a hold of his tooth brush he brushes his teeth while saying “ahhh.” He tries to brush J.C.’s teeth and mine as well. He also instructs us, “ahhh.”

One of my favorite things he does is when he’s waving bye. Instead of facing palm out toward the person, he faces it toward himself – as if he’s waving goodbye to himself.

When I get home, he crawls right to me, climbs into my arms and lays his head on my chest. He does the same thing when his dad gets home.

He’s just a love bug.

And I’m so glad he’s my little love bug! What a blessing he’s been to our family. I love being his mom!


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