DIY: How To Make Your Own Photo Holder

My party-throwing obsession always has room for photo stands to explain what guests will be doing. This time – they were zoom, zooming around the table!

This was for my son’s Go Dog, Go! Party. Inspiration for the cute Oriental Trading cars came from here, but I took it a step further – turning them into the base of the photo holders.

Check it out!


I love doing DIY, but I’m not great with a sewing machine or a hammer. So this is the slacker’s way out.

Step one, get yourself some //” target=”_blank”>photo holder wires here or buy them already attached to bases. You can see I went with the latter option. (Excuse the carpet in the background, I was watching TGIT – I couldn’t be bothered to move my project for pictures. Two words – Olivia. Pope.).

IMG_1447This is where things get complicated. Ha – actually, you just twist and pull the wire holder out of the base. You get to skip this step if you buy the wires without the base.


For our base we used these adorable cars – we were tipped off by this blog! I don’t use hammers anyway, but if I did – I wouldn’t have wanted to hammer through wood like this. I’m sure at least some of them would have cracked. Instead, I used a thumb tack. Could it get any easier?!

IMG_1453 IMG_1454

Pull the thumb tack and replace it with the photo holder. I did put a little bit of hot glue on the end of the wire, to make sure it would stay. You can wipe the excess clean immediately after throwing it in.


Consider it handled (remember, I’m watching Scandal!).

IMG_1457      IMG_1463 IMG_1464

how to make a photo holder


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