Finding the Words to Say ‘I Love You’

This weekend my Husband and I celebrated six years of marriage and ten years together (as I wrote all about over here). This is the gift we finally came up with!

To mark ten years together we agreed to get each other ten things that represented the love, the babies, the chaos, the life that we’ve built together.

In the boxes we exchanged you found everything from Lucky Charms’ marshmallows to car air fresheners and even a homemade “Champion of the Sun” certificate (Ha – raise your hands ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ fans).

But one of my favorite gifts I whipped up marked our love for games. Scattergories- to be exact.

This will only work if you and your loved one are big fans of playing the word game and have saved the old papers (I knew not being able to throw anything away would come in handy someday!).

Crack open the game and check out which words you have to work with.

Love Over ScattergoriesNext step, start cutting out words you can use. And yes, almost every time there was a ‘B’ I wrote “babies.” While I was apparently sending my husband a baby-hungry message – he was writing things like “sex” and “video games.” Sigh.

As you do this, make sure to have some words from both of you – makes it more special!

scattegories love letter

Once you’ve gathered every word that can be used as part of an inside joke or part of a message of love – lay them out and start thinking about how you can put them together. Yes, you’ll notice I grabbed “toilet scrubbing” to orchestrate our love. Hey, you’ve gotta get creative – and the fact that he does that, makes me love him a bit more. Wouldn’t you?

scattergories heart

Lastly, add the words that make it all go together! My favorite part of the note was this: “I sleep when we cuddle, you stuff old socks by the couch.” love note for scattergories fans

My husband LOVED this. It was his favorite gift. It puts all of our late nights playing games into one letter, telling him how much I care!

Do you guys have a game that signifies your love?!

scattergories fan love note


9 thoughts on “Finding the Words to Say ‘I Love You’

  1. I love this!! You two are so cute. And happy anniversary! I’ll hafta see if I can convince my husband to do this cause he is really not much of a romantic. haha.

    Liked by 1 person

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