Running Out of Pinterest Party Time (Help!)

PicMonkey Collage1

It’s t-minus 11 days to birthday mania at our house. We have a baby, that in eleven days time, will mature into a big giant, smart old-year-old (Where did the time go?)!

To go as fast as Big G does, we’re throwing a ‘Go Dog! Go party.’

I am ALL about throwing a Pinterest party. I throw parties every chance I get – there’s color coordination, favors, appropriately themed foods and lots of cutely decorated items. But things are a little different this time.

This is my first party I’m throwing as a mom of two. One of those two doesn’t take naps. Nap time used to be prime-Pinterest time. So between the two crazy kids going about a million miles a minute, the zero minutes to myself and falling asleep at night – I have next to nothing done.

Nonetheless, I am planning to power on. I have a lot of disjointed items right now – dogs just about everywhere, the book’s color theme – orange and green – seem to be coming out of every room in the house and there are notes of Pinterest grandeur jotted down somewhere. Where is that again?

Take a look at my Pinterest board – and add your suggestions!

Eek… 11 days. This might as well be a horror film.


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