Celebrating My {Redefined} Happily Ever After

I just had four days off – and saw my husband alone for all of 20 minutes.


I guess that’s what happens when you reach the ten year mark. TEN. YEARS. We’ve been together! Our anniversary is this Saturday. It was six years ago we were married, but four before that (to the day) he asked me to be his girlfriend.

I’ve been cruising Pinterest for gift ideas (yeah, I know – a week before – it’s pretty disgraceful. At least I already have a babysitter lined up -okay, fine – if we’re being honest, I texted her about twenty minutes ago.).

As I look I see these words – happily ever after.

I’m thinking back to our vows, to this idea of happily ever after we had.

Then it was love, it was adventure, it was trips to Disney Land and making s’mores. It was watching every movie that came out, ordering wings every week and snuggling.

My happily ever after with my Prince Charming meant ruining the cupcakes, but eating them anyway. It meant playing tennis together, debating politics and waffles every Sunday.

We played Scattergories, Nintendo and Scene-It.

During the holidays we came up with traditions for just the two of us and had a date night every week.

Now… Things have changed.

Now – there are two more little men in our family. They take up most of my time.

When the last one is finally asleep, well, so am I. That means my husband is still watching movies, but I’m sleeping alongside him.

We’re still playing games, but now it’s Mickey’s Silly Slides. We’re debating parenting philosophies instead of politics and when we have wings — we have to coral two boys with sticky fingers — it’s almost become not worth it.

Most of our traditions have changed. Our rituals, our routines.

It’s all different.

But somehow it’s everything I’ve ever wanted.

The 19 hour days. The diapers. The meltdowns (not just the toddlers, mine too).
The two year potty training nightmare. The random crap stuck on the pantry door (I have no idea what it is). The bottles. The laundry we forgot in the washer for two days. The lights that need changed. The trips to the hospital. The tears. The fights. The overdrawn budget. Becoming new parents. Being parents. The laughter. The memories. Recommitting to each other over and over again. The water fights. The private glances we share amid the chaos. The support when I can’t go on. Road trips. Always catching each other when we fall. Introducing the boys to dads-sert (yes, it’s dessert). Confiding in each other. Egg sandwiches and gold fish. Resting my head on his shoulder at the end of the day. The twenty minutes we get together.

That’s my happily ever after.

Now to come up with an gift that says all of that…

Here are my top five Pinterest finds that say “I love you even though everything has changed and we hardly ever see each other – Happy Anniversary!”

  1. Photo shoot!
    This photo apparently goes along with a vow renewal (according to the pin), but there are several fun ideas on a family session to mark where you are ten years after exchanging vows! I love this one – isn’t this the truth – the kids running into the picture.
    Courtesy here.

10 Year anny 1

2. A Timeline in Pictures

This is so fun (and so easy!). In one simple card you get to see just how much you’ve changed over the last ten years (eh hem – and ten pounds). Don’t forget the love note – HON.EY. Courtesy here.

10 year anny 3

3. Infographic

I’m obsessed with this idea. I know you have as many stats as the Seasons of Love song – “525,600 minutes – how do you measure… measure a year.” Well here you get to choose, “sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee… ” Order yours here.

10 year anny 4

4. More Graphs 

Attention math nerds, this is perfect for you! This adorable graph makes it clear why you love your significant other. I’m laughing that this one has a pretty significant amount of the pie dedicated to “You keep my feet warm at night.” The Etsy Shop behind it is on a break, but you can probably rig something up yourself.

10 Year anny 5

5. L.O.V.E. Note

This is always the winner in my book. ALWAYS write your spouse a note on your anniversary. Every year I tell my husband, I don’t need anything fancy – I just need a note. When we dated in high school I got notes ALL the time. Well, actually we only dated for two months and I only got one on the one month anniversary. But compared to now, where I get no notes every two months – it seems like a lot. SO get to it, bear your soul and tell me you love me – agh, back to advice – tell your loved one you love THEM.

Happy Loving – and wish me luck, I’m down to six days.

anniversary ideas livefromtheplayroom


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