When A Feminist is the Mom of Two Boys

A little 3rd grader stands up in class, ends the streak of “mom” answers to announce she’s going to be a mom AND a reporter.

That was me.

I don’t usually use the word feminist to describe myself, but look – I like breaking glass ceilings. I cry at #LikeAGirl commercials. I’m all girl power, all the time. I want to see girls playing tractors, women on the front lines of war.

But what about the boys? Does more girl power mean less boy power?

Here I am – a feminist, a mother of two boys. What’s a {powerful} woman to do?feminist mom

I’m a superwoman – and so are you. You’ve been there – laughing, maybe an eye roll as you recount how your husband stuffs his socks on the side of the couch. Everyone laughs because you’re not alone. Your friend’s husband does it too – they’re just guys. That’s just what guys do.

The media is all over it.

The commercial goes like this; The husband comes home with the generic laundry soap. The wife explains now you’re going to need twice as much to get the name brand stuff. Of course he made that mistake – he’s a husband. He’s dumb. All husbands are.

For every dumb husband commercial, there’s an empowering woman commercial.

The husband can’t do anything right, cut to the commercial “celebrating girls day.”

Here my son is – watching this. He’s learning men are dumb, women are special. What kind of message is that?

So where do I go from here? I want my sons to know women are powerful. They know that. They see me go to work everyday, they saw me bring home an Emmy for the work I do.

But men – they play an important role. They ARE an important part of the equation.

My man – you know the one who stuffed all of his socks on the side of the couch – he works 12 hour days to make a living for his family. He’s taught my boys a love of music, a love of learning – and most importantly a love for one another.

The other man in my life – my dad – he worked his way up with not a penny to his name. A father of four at the time, put himself through college and is now incredibly successful.

Men. They are not weak. They are not dumb. They’re not better than us, but they are EQUAL.

They make us better and we make them better. We are a team.

I want my boys to know that. I want them to know they’re not silly dumb boys. They are smart, they are funny, they are clever, they are charismatic.

This world is their oyster – not because they’re boys. Not because they’re Caucasian. Not because they’re American. It’s because they are the only ones like ’em. There’s just one J.C and one Big G.

There may not be a glass ceiling for them to break – but they have their own ceiling to reach. It’s their potential.


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