Chewing Bootcamp

My nearly one-year-old, Big G, can’t figure out how to chew. At all.IMG_0781

He’s been eating all kinds of finger foods – cheese, pears, banana, avocado, noodles. He can eat them… As long as it doesn’t need to be chewed.

A couple nights ago I made him pumpkin   (yeah, I know there was even nutmeg- he’s pretty fancy. The rest of the family had Mac N Cheese – don’t worry about it). I get him a big scoop on his tiny little spoon and serve it up.

He clears the spoon, keeps it in his mouth a second than swallows the bite – nutmeg, full rice pieces and all.

He strains, he’s choking, his eyes are watering, he turns a bit red. He clears his throat – it’s made it’s way through.

I get it – I blend it up, he eats the rest without the threat of teensy tiny rice pieces.

The next morning we do something a little softer. He grabs the avocado piece, shoves it in his mouth – and pauses for the pain. He swallows the avocado like a cartoon character swallows when he’s in trouble. Strain – cough – hope the food makes it down.

And then again.

And again.

He thinks this is how we eat – in pain and with the constant threat of choking! The poor kid.

It’s like the ultimate test of my food cutting abilities.

We’ve been doing this for 11 MONTHS!

His first birthday is in a month. That means we’ll be phasing out the bottle and giving him more toddler meals. That gives me four weeks to train this kid on how to eat like the rest of us. Okay, it’ll be a process – In fact, I’ve been told kids are perfecting their chewing abilities up through two years old – but this nearly one-year-old should be able to chew SOMETHING.

Enter Baby Bootcamp – foods to teach him to chew!

1 – More “Stars” – my first loved the Gerber’s Puffs and easily helped him develop the ability to chew with the help of dissolving
2 – Baby Biscuits – My nanny suggested these after having success with her own kids. They get a chance to gnaw on the biscuit – while you’re getting dinner ready, etc. Gnawing = chewing.
3 – Thicker puree- Big G has had an eh-hem – pooping problem. So he’s had prunes almost every morning. They’re completely pureed – not a challenge at all.
4 – Yogurt melts – My first loved these too, and Big G has never tried them! It’s as easy as plopping small amounts of yogurt on wax paper and throwing them in the freezer.
5 – Spinach chips – another homemade favorite which Big G has also choked on. Just throw spinach leaves on a pan with parchment paper – and sprinkle with salt.

Wish me (and especially my choking prone-baby) luck.

I’m MOM.. Live from the Playroom


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