I Missed Another Day – An Apology From a Mom on the Phone

This week my 3-year-old yelled, “Do you copy?!” My head buried in my phone, he continues, “Mom, can you hear me?”

Later this week, I was sending a text and he yelled, “Mom, Baby G is trying to show you something.”

So here it is – my apology letter.


I’m sorry I spend so much time on my phone.

When I look down to my phone during your third telling of your Monsters, Inc. dream – it’s not because I don’t care. It’s just my manager is on my case about what I said during this morning’s newscast.

When I “shhh” you and hide in my closet from you while you’re playing Planes, it’s not because I don’t want to be Dipper and exclaim “There she blows fellas!” It’s just our interest rate will go up if I pay another bill late.

When you add the finishing touches to your block garage, I’m sorry I’m not looking – I’m writing up our grocery list.

I know you can’t find your sippy cup, but I have to text Aunt B – I forgot to last night.

I heard you say, “I can’t draw animals, I only draw bendy lines,” but I have to share the quote on Facebook so everyone else can see how funny your are.

I guess I missed the opportunity to stifle my laughs and build up your confidence – showing you how a whole bunch of bendy lines can make animals.

You’re still thirsty because when I was texting Aunt B I got a Facebook notification – four new likes on your hilarious comment. Wait what’s Sarah up to? Dave went where? Oh my gosh – the Miller’s relationship status changed.

Oh, yeah – your block garage looks great. Just like my grocery list. I got sidetracked on Pinterest. I wonder if I could pull off that contouring bronzer trick and oh, I should search for first birthday ideas.

I’m sorry you’re still playing Planes alone. After I balanced the budget I realized I could finally grab another dress from Nordstrom. I’m just trying to find the right one. Looking for red, but they don’t have the neckline I want. Hold on a second.

You’re telling me the dream for a fifth time because I didn’t hear it the first four times. It’s just my manager won’t let up. I just need to get my co-anchor’s opinion. He said to ask another co-worker – apparently she’s in hot water too. Maybe my old college mentor would have some good advice. I’m almost done, we’ll get to your dream again in a second.

Oh, it’s time for bed.

Well maybe you’ll have that dream again sweetheart. I can’t wait to hear about it tomorrow.

I love you.

You’re dreaming.

I missed it.

I missed the whole day.

I missed one of the few days you’ll want to spend with me.

How did this happen?

I’m sorry.




We as parents right now are in a unique situation. There’s never been another generation raising kids with the technology we have.

Even when I was a  kid, my parents had computers – but not a mini computer that followed them into the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen, the store, church, to the park. We are ALWAYS connected to everything. That is, everything other than our kids.

Sometimes I bring my son into it, showing him funny videos or letting him use emojis to text his grandparents. I’m afraid all that’s doing is teaching him this addiction so many of us have to our gadgets.

That’s why this week I’m going for it – a phone-free week. Okay, not really completely free. But when I’m with the boys, my phone will be on the counter, not in my hand. I’ll be working on keeping my social media time to a minimum. Friends, I may not respond right away when you text me.

There’s something more urgent, right in front of me… And I’m missing it.


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