Note to Self: Don’t Laugh When Your Child Succeeds

On Sunday my sweet 3-year-old had the big job of reading a scripture in front of all the kids aged 3 – 8.

It was something he’d been talking about for the last week. When we walked in I noticed a scripture written on a cutely decorated poster board and asked if that was the scripture he was supposed to read. When I found out it was – I realized there were a few big words! My three-year-old can’t comprehend “save it be” and “according to!?” Can he?

He took his seat in the tiny-sized chair in front of everyone. I quickly sat next to him (in an equally small chair) and said, “Let’s practice.” I said the verse a few words at a time and he mumbled through them – very obviously not paying attention to me.

My heart sank for him.

He was about to take the mic and bumble through a few sentences.

When it was his turn, without even a second thought, he confidently took the mic. I stood behind him and whispered into his ear a few words.

He repeated them in an incredibly clear, loud, confident voice.

“For behold”

“I am God;”

I didn’t even know he could speak like this in public.

“and I am a God of miracles;”

I whispered the next few words in his ear, “and I work not among”

He continued, without saying those words, but instead, finishing the sentence, “the children of men.”

It’s around this time, my huge smile – turns into laughter. As I whisper the final portion in his ear I’m trying not to laugh, “save it be according to their faith.”

He finished the verse, but as I tried to pull myself together – he started doing that weird jerky toddler thing some kids (eh hem, my kid) do and making noises into the microphone.

Oh, good.

Mom for the win.

But not.

I helped him get back with his class and headed to my own class. It then hit me – I just laughed my way through my son’s incredible performance. This kid was born to be a public speaker and the person who is supposed to be his number one cheerleader LAUGHED!?!

So why in the world was I laughing?

As I listened to him enunciate each word, pause in the perfect spots and even finish a sentence after only practicing it twice… my heart was so full. I listened to this 3-year-old and realized he was me. He was me… but in a three year old body (who, by the way looks nothing like me – so I like to claim me when I see it).

I had to redeem myself with him.

After church I told him I was so proud of him. I told him, “I was so proud and so happy that I was smiling SO big, my smile turned into a laugh.” I then continued to tell him I was so amazed that he didn’t sound like a 3-year-old speaking in front of everyone. Instead, he sounded more like a 6-year-old.

He listened from his car seat.

I never know how much he takes in from what I say, but when we got home I heard him run to his dad and proudly exclaim, “I sounded like a 6-year-old today!”

Hopefully, by the time he is six… I can get my funny bone under control – so I won’t be laughing at any more successes.

I’m MOM, Live from the Playroom


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