Expectations for Disney from a 3-Year-Old

This weekend we are getting so excited about all of the new Disney/Pixar film announcements coming out of Disney’s D23.

As we’ve talked about it, J.C. started saying what the new movies would be all about — so I decided I’d document it… and see what else I could get from him.

Here it is: Expectations for Disney from a 3-Year-Old.

We start with his favorite. Ah! Yes, Cars 3!!

cars 3It seems he’s hoping this will be more of a Cars/Planes hybrid.

J.C. – “McQueen is going to see a racetrack and he’s going to see a plane there. Awesome, huh? A helicopter too. When they get there the plane says, ‘Ready, setty, go and they take off really fast.

There will be tow trucks too.  Two more with Mater. Really cool.”

Me – “Are you hoping to see Dusty? Or are these all new planes?”

J.C. – “I think he’s in it. I think Cabbie is going to be there too. And Blade Ranger.”

He continues, “How can you get those guys to Radiator Springs? Maybe they’re going to London?”

Me – “They’re going to London again?”

J.C. – “No, maybe it’ll be in Spanish. Can you say green in Spanish?”

Me – “Verde.”

J.C. – “Yeah, that’s where they’re going – Verde. It’s going to be a green racetrack with sand around it. The cars will drive and the helicopters and planes will fly. And the race cars will fly. There are going to be different race cars with different colors.”


Next, Incredibles 2! J.C. just saw the first one for the first time a week or so ago! He loved it! And I love that there’s actually a superhero movie I can show my pre-schooler. Bring it on. Here’s J.C.’s take.


J.C. – “Bad guys are going to have shooters. The dad just grabbed the shooter the bad guy dropped. He got it and he was fighting the bad guy who dropped it and he was like ‘Give me a shooter.’

Then the Mom came with the baby and the sister and the boy. They were there right before they splashed the bad guys with water.

Isn’t that cool?

They’re going to fly in that movie. They’re going to have capes.

Then they’ll all go back home.

Me – “What about your favorite, Dash? Is he going to do anything special?”

J.C. – “Dash won’t do anything great or special, but he will be cool. It will be a surprise.”


Finally, Finding Dory – a sequel to one of our other Disney favorites, “Finding Nemo.”

finding dory

It sounds like J.C.’s version of this one will all be set in the fish tank.

J.C. – “There’s going to be a new octopus.” (That’s actually true! I had showed J.C. the big reveal from Disney’s twitter page — the octopus, Hank, will be voiced by Ed O’Neil).

He goes on, “There’s going to be a whole lot of new fishes in the tank. And there’s going to be a leak in the tank so they’l have to find Dory fast.”download


If your worried his little heart will be crushed when he sees the actual movies, don’t be. He ended our conversation with, “We gotta ask them if that’s true.”


By the way – a new Toy Story movie is also coming out! J.C. didn’t have much to say about that one, but did add “That’s pretty cool.” He’s only seen the first – and was not a big fan of Sid. He hasn’t been able to get past it.

And as I’m just about to write publish, J.C. adds, “It looks like we need to go to the movie theater today.”

I’m MOM, Live from the Playroom

Photo cred: Disney Pixar


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