Impromptu Snoopy Birthday Party

Dun, dun, dun… dun da da… daaa da… That doesn’t quite translate into writing as I had hoped – it’s the Peanuts theme song, aka Snoopy’s song.

it’s our favorite beagle’s birthday.  I knew we had to celebrate… because we always celebrate it. Yes, we always celebrate it. On a regular basis, my 3-year-old, J.C. explains, “MOM! It’s Snoopy’s birthday – can you believe that?!”

We then begin a party that includes all half-dozen of his Snoopy dolls (thank you every grandparent for getting him one every season – haha). There’s also always a birthday gift of a big paper dog bone.. which the half-dozen dogs share.

On Valentine’s Day I asked, what is love?

His answer, “Snoopy.”

When we go out, Snoopy goes out (and he gets dressed up – including sneakers).

Enter Snoopy’s ACTUAL birthday – of course we were on board.

Step 1 ) Cupcakes

We started by attempting some themed decorations.

Yellow and black chevron for our pal Charlie Brown and white with Snoopy’s token spot. And when all else fails – add toys for an adorable setting. To this J.C. said, “What is Snoopy looking at? Oh, his big bone pile!”

IMG_4205 IMG_4208 IMG_4211 IMG_4213

Step 2) Decorations

I printed off some quick coloring pages for J.C. He colored this one while yelling, “Help! I’m turning blue!”


Step 3) Gifts

Because we throw Snoopy parties so often, I’ve started keeping old gift bags on hand. Usually J.C. fills them up with his own toys (did you know Snoopy loves Paw Patrol?!). But this party I added a few gifts for J.C. and our little guy B.B.



Snoopy lunchbox for J.C. (bonus points for having an allergy card insert) and Charlie Brown for B.B.

Step 4) Gather the Party Guests

Oh, did I mention – Snoopy isn’t the only dog we love.  We have quite the collection – eh, hem – J.C. has quite the collection.


With that Happy Birthday and beagle love to our favorite guy, our little “Snoop Dog,” “Snoop-a-da-boop” – our Snoopy. We love ya!

I’m MOM, Live from the Playroom


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