Best Brothers Propaganda

10 months ago our lives turned upside down – we added a cute little baby to our family of three.

The only thing…

One of us (eh hem – the toddler) didn’t feel the change.

He went on as if he never had a baby brother at all.

I’m not kidding.

For the last 10 months my oldest son, J.C., has continued to play with blocks, battle “fires” with Dusty and Blade Ranger and has constructed (and deconstructed) toy train tracks. His life has gone on, just as it was before he became a big brother. In fact, he has maybe noticed the little guy in our home a handful of times. Okay, this might be a tad exaggerated, but you get the picture.

Here’s where it gets sad.

That little guy, B.B. (baby brother) LOVES. HIS. BROTHER. No joke. The day we got home from the hospital, he did a back bend out of my arms to see what J.C. was doing.

The fix?


Phase One: We replaced all the pictures on the walls and added about half a dozen frames. Each one – with a picture of the “best friend brothers.”

Phase Two: Put it in writing. Not Twitter, not Facebook. I’m not even talking Wikipedia. We went to a good old fashioned book. Thank you Shutterfly. It’s a story of two brothers, two specific brothers J.C. and B.B. Their adventures documented with a story line of why being a big brother is not only important, it’s fun.


Oh and did I mention – I threw in an important part about how fun the laundry is [insert evil mom laugh here]


Maniacal laughter and all – it worked.

The last two weeks have possibly been the best with the two of them. J.C. crawls around with B.B., he’s reading him book and even set up a “learning center” for his baby brother.

Have you ever gone to extreme measures to get something out of your kids?

MOM… Live from the Playroom


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